Complex Assembly Packing Projects

Propack Automation has a long and successful history of conceptualising solutions and completing special projects, ranging from component assembly to product handling for areas where automation was not previously possible.


These special projects include:

 The sorting and feeding of difficult shapes

Presentation for printing and marking of difficult shapes

Sorting and feeding of pharmaceutical products following their period of quarantine

Feeding of perfumery glass containers from pallets and trays into pucks and onto filling lines

Placing of coloured inserts into other packaging components

Collation and assembly of shelf-ready multi-piece end-of-line packs 

Our selected suppliers, Zaugg, DMP and Pueschel, allied to Propack’s own expertise, give us high capability in providing solutions to your special  assembling, handling and packaging projects.

Our selected suppliers


Based in Switzerland, Zaugg AG manufacture plastic tray and feeding machinery. ZMB is a young and dynamic company active in the field of custom made machinery and automation



DMP GmbH. based in Lohne, Germany, is an innovative and young company, bringing a great deal of product handling and packing experience to the table

DMP GmbH Site


Pueschel GmbH is a dedicated manufacturer of product feeding and assembly systems. Feeding Units cover a full range, from indexing feeders for heavy objects to vibrating bowl feeders, to continuous fully-mechanical systems for upto 500 pieces per minute.

Pueschel site

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